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CLARAfi helps businesses better measure and track specific parts of their operation against their projected goals. 

Seeing the growth of a business in real time is an essential part to growing a business. Not only does CLARAfi give businesses access to that, but it also helps a business better cover what is important. This means better rates on insurance with the right coverage. 

Reports mean everything to a business. With CLARAfi, business owners, their authorized users, and industry professionals can help manage business trends and provide better services through our reporting system.

Get started today using CLARAfi with our Plus Plan and start the transformation. 

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Adam Griggs

16 Years in Small Business, Risk Management, Support, Management and Innovation.

Alex Young

10 Years in Marketing, Video, Tech Innovation, Branding and Engagement.

Nick Knapp
Nick Knapp

17 Years in Business Startup, User Experience, Project Management and Optimization.

Stephen Hara
Stephen Hara

9 Years in Dev. Ops., Coding, Tech Consulting, Server Management and Security.

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