Chris Borja owner and founder of Borja Virtual Events and the CONNECTED Community group, shares what it means to play from your strengths, how communities can grow better together through networking and tips for introverts to find their place in the CONNECTED world.

Chris does an amazing job of meeting the needs of community in the digital and hybrid world as well as face-to-face. Energy and excitement can be infectious and through intentional interaction with our community, we can begin to take up the cause of elevating each other.

Listen in and learn:

  • What it takes to win in the Hybrid World
  • How to find, contribute and build community
  • Why Community is an amazing opportunity for group coaching
  • How to adapt to your audience & needs
  • Where to find opportunities today and beyond

Are you an introvert? You have the ability to win, find alignment and transform your path by unleashing your potential through community.

Are you the next great leader? Build trust, build connections and lead with intention by participating and filling the cup of those looking for your positivity and perspective.

New to Networking? Every journey begins with a single step, or a single connection. Find a connection that you can ebb and flow with and discover opportunities that can empower and enable you both!

Your vision is massive, your ability unlimited and your story is yours to write. Make the decision today to embark on a journey of curiosity and fun through community and connection and fill that story with amazing characters along the way. #OwnItLoveIt

Special thanks to and GoDaddy for making these meetups possible.

Adam Griggs is CEO and Co-Founder of CLARAfi, a communication platform for small business owners to build and leverage trust PROACTIVELY with their advisors through simplified and powerful tools.

Do you have a passion for helping business owners and entrepreneurs discover their possible, while building on their passion and having fun?

To learn more about how you can help elevate business and create moments that matter, head over to https://CLARAfi.Coach

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