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Brett Farmiloe shares his journey across the U.S. in an RV in pursuit of passion, creating Markitors, finding visibility online, and his passion to share multi-perspective conversations.

Brett delves into the creation of his every first tech start up and why he is so passionate to help businesses and startups find credibility and confidence. 

We all have those little whispers, that are big fears lurking in the shadows. Getting into business is crazy enough but how do you maintain amongst the noise and the obstacles sure to come along?

Simple answer? — -> Stop learning to fear, stop learning to faint.

Photo by Peter Lloyd on Unsplash

In the video interview with Brett, we were able to really get a feel for the moment of awareness that Brett felt when he not only experienced the phenomenon that was fainting goats, but the unbelievable fact that this trait/reaction was entirely learned!!!

It’s too often in business that we find ourselves crushed under the weight of expectations, juggling the rhythm of work and our many hats, all while trying to avoid giving in to the whispers, the fears…..the learned reaction of fright & flight. We need more positivity and strength and as we heard in the interview a lot of that missing strength is already stored inside of us, our inner kids curious to take on the world and make their mark.

We have seen too many of the would be “greatest of all time” leaders and entrepreneurs succumb to the fear and fade into the background of history forgotten and lost forever more. It’s time we enabled, elevated and empowered ourselves to get beyond and rediscover the fun in curiosity.

Remember this my friends, we cannot do all of the good in the world…but the world needs all of the good we can do.

Remember your passion, unleash your WHY and let’s go discover the possible!

Adam Griggs is CEO and Co-Founder of CLARAfi, a communication platform for small business owners to build and leverage trust PROACTIVELY with their advisors through simplified and powerful tools.

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