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How do you balance lifestyle and business as you continue to scale, and what is your best strategy/tip from first-hand experience?

To help you with creating a sense of equilibrium in both your work and personal life, we asked founders and other business leaders this question for their best advice. From delegating masterfully to using simple intentionality, there are several recommendations that may help you create a healthy work/life balance in the future.

Here are eight tips for an excellent balance between life and business:

  • Delegate Non-Essential Tasks
  • Follow a Daily Schedule
  • Control Your Speed Levels
  • Keep Two Bank Accounts
  • Time Block Everything 
  • Make Work/Life Balance a Priority
  • Find a System That Works for You
  • Keep It Simple, Be Intentional

Delegate Non-Essential Tasks

I maintain a healthy balance between my lifestyle and business by delegating tasks. This might involve hiring someone to help with administrative work, setting up automation to handle routine tasks, or outsourcing certain aspects of my business and daily life. 

By taking care of the non-essential tasks, I can focus my time and energy on what is truly important. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. When I can focus on what is essential, I’m happier and more productive. And that makes all the difference.

Michael Sena, Founder & CEO, SENACEA

Follow a Daily Schedule

I always start my day with a plan—I look at upcoming goals and to-dos, and based on these, I figure out when and how to focus my attention. 

Early in my entrepreneurial journey, I realized that without setting a time limit on tasks, we might spend too much time on projects that can get done faster, causing us to miss out on social engagements and opportunities for self-care. 

Sometimes things that are out of my control can pop up, but most of the time, building a daily schedule helps keep my work and life balanced.

Cesar Cruz, Co-Founder, Sebastian Cruz Couture

Control Your Speed Levels

Speed and priority are essentials in creating a balanced life and business. Scaling a company means doing every project operationally and efficiently. So, while I’m encouraging you to think quickly, there must be balance in your professional life and with the personal time spent on projects or family obligations, especially for those with kids at home too!

Running an agency and doing SEO isn’t working at all; it’s become a passion project.
I confess it wasn’t always like this. I worked hard to find the perfect balance for myself! 

If high-priority tasks demand my full involvement, I handle those FIRST (skill: know how to prioritize). Not wasting any time, I use all available resources to complete these tasks as quickly as possible (skill: control your speed). This strategy gives you plenty of leeway during other parts of the day: at home or at the office.

It sounds pretty simple‌, but it takes a lot of effort to get to the perfect balance.

Maria Harutyunyan, Co-Founder, Loopex Digital

Keep Two Bank Accounts

I think it’s important to keep two bank accounts: one for personal expenses, and one for business expenses. If you’re trying to scale your business and still live a normal life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the expenses that come with running a business. 

To avoid this, I set up these two bank accounts; that way, when I’m thinking about what to do with my money, I can choose whether it fits into my budget based on whether it helps me reach my goal of scaling my company.

Keeping these separate accounts helps me stay focused on what’s important in each of those areas of my life—and keeps me from getting distracted by unnecessary tasks or thoughts that might not be relevant at the time.

Shaun Connell, Founder, Writing Tips Institute

Time Block Everything 

If you want time to do anything outside of your business, you need to time block your day. It’s easy to get buried in emails, employee questions, and customer concerns as they get delivered—but when you reflect on your day, you skipped lunch, didn’t get to the gym, and didn’t have time to call your family member even though you promised you would.

That’s why I time block my entire day, from eating breakfast to checking my email to team meetings to fifteen-minute breaks—and if something comes my way, that doesn’t fit into the block I’m currently in, I wait unless it’s an emergency.

Patricio Paucar, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Navi

Make Work/life Balance a Priority

The whole reason I continue to scale my freelance writing business is so I can have a better work/life balance. For me, more time freedom is the ultimate goal. I look for ways to do more work in less time, whether that’s growing my team, automating tasks, outsourcing tasks, raising my prices, or taking fewer clients. Scaling my business allows me to work less and/or generate more revenue in the same time or less.

To remind myself why scaling is worthwhile, I use my newfound free time to enjoy life and do things I otherwise couldn’t do if I worked for someone else. For example, I might take off on a Thursday afternoon for a long lunch date, join a morning workout class, or volunteer at my children’s school—things I could not do as easily with a traditional work schedule.

Alli Hill, Founder & Director, Fleurish Freelance

Find a System That Works for You

When it comes to balancing lifestyle and business, the most important thing is to find a system that works for you and your business. 

One way to do this is to set aside time each week to focus on your personal life. You can use this for activities such as exercise, spending time with family and friends, or pursuing hobbies. It is important to make sure that this time is non-negotiable and that you stick to it no matter what. 

Another strategy is to delegate tasks to others in your team. This will free up your time so that you can focus on the big picture.

Lewis Landerholm, Founding Partner, Pacific Cascade Legal

Keep It Simple, Be Intentional

I keep my processes as simple as possible. I set work hours and stick with them, by planning each week so that I don’t miss a beat. I create automations for repeatable tasks.

For me, it’s all about creating a structure that will ensure my continued success. If I am efficient, manage my time well, and make repeatable tasks easy, the momentum in my business builds without sacrifice.

Linsey Shelton, Co-Founder, Waymaker

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