Small Biz Spotlight: You are Capable

“We are all capable, if we allow ourselves to be.”

– Willie Caldwell

Willie Caldwell, owner of Mobility Fitness Institute, comes from a record setting athletic career. Willie opened up Mobility Fitness Institute over a decade ago and has been on a journey to empower those who are special needs with physical strength and mental dexterity. Willie shares his journey through COVID-19 and why he focuses on empowering and coaching a generation of handicapable entrepreneurs.

Mobility Fitness Institute

Like anything in life, we have challenges and obstacles that can hold us back, throw us down or change our direction. Having the support to build ourselves back up and move forward is an essential skill we all need, and having the community of supporters welcoming us and helping us to move forward is the magic in the story. 

During the COVID-19 shutdown, Willie was able to find solace in the support he has been finding with his community, his advisors and most importantly the things he can control. Willie uses CLARAfi to ensure he’s not over extended, to build with confidence and to know that no matter what comes his partners are there with him every step of the way. Willie used this opportunity to build his brand and message, assess his clients and their needs in the evolution of tech and communication, and restructure his business to meet his team where they are every step of the way. 

“There is power in the proactive, being able to build your vision and BELIEVE WITH EVERYTHING while planning for anything has made all of the difference.”

  • Start with the basics, and always celebrate the wins
  • Don’t go after things you can’t obtain unless you are committed beyond a doubt
  • Build with partners, accountability is a major muscle in our development of vision. 

Want to hear more about Willie? Check out the full interview we held with him here.

Stay well,

Adam Griggs

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