Tough times & tough love: committed to community

Jo Schneider, owner of restaurant La Cocina in Tucson, AZ, turned a crisis into an opportunity to give back. Like many, when COVID-19 forced her to close her business she was hit hard. Jo took this chance to start a non-profit organization, Feeding Those Who Feed Us. This organization donates unsold restaurant food to help the people hit hardest in the layoffs and furloughs. Her community recognized her contributions and responded with helping hands – wanting to donate to her newly founded organization.

Jo Schneider

The takeaway? Take initiative to be a leader in the community. As your doors reopen leverage online tools, like social media, to drive connection. Find a way for your business to give back, and your audience will respond in kind. 

Not on social media yet? Check out these tips to get started:

  • Only pick 1 or 2 social media platforms to focus on
  • Connect with your audience – respond to comments!
  • Post regularly & host virtual events

Want to hear more about Jo? Check out the full interview we held with her here.

Stay safe out there,

Adam Griggs

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