Winning in the Digital Economy

Learning how to start with WHY – Apps and Programs for small business today

We kick-off the R3 Boot Camps this year with a special webinar presentation by Adam Griggs, CEO at CLARAfi. Learn about Apps & Programs to Help Your Business Succeed in the Digital Economy.

In this presentation, we are joined by CEO Tayde Aburto, The Digital Economy Alliance, and Adam Griggs, CEO of CLARAfi to discuss and learn how to choose the best apps and programs for your small business. Listen, Learn and Leverage as we discuss the WHY, What, Where and Who to look toward for the best opportunities to enable your business success.

This presentation is made possible by the teams at CLARAfi, the United States Business Association of E-Commerce and the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce as well as the teams at Wells Fargo, R3 Bootcamps and the Digital Economy Alliance.

To learn more about how you can take your business to the next level with a business coach, empowered by CLARAfi, visit www.CLARAfi.Coach/

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